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Our Colorbond Fencing is manufactured and supplied by Bluescope Steel. Colorbond® comes in a wide range of colours and you can also get it in different heights. Not only can you have it as your boundary fencing but also as a front fence. You can mix and match the colours, for example you can have the posts and rails one colour and the sheets a different colour.

Colorbond® has become the preferred style of fencing as it doesn’t fade, rust or rot and will last for many years to come unlike Timber Fencing.

The profile that we use is Metline Premium. This sheet looks the same on both sides, so there are no complaints about who has the best side of the fence. The sheets are stronger and there are more ribs for added strength. The posts have been designed to withstand high winds even in cyclonic areas of Northern Australia. Bushfire testing completed by the CSIRO & Bushfire Co-0perative Research Centre proves steel fencing can help protect your property from Bushfires*.

When purchasing this fence you receive the comfort in knowing that there is a 10 year warranty (conditions apply) and that you are not purchasing any cheap Asian imported product.

*Refer to full testing results available at