Merbau and Timber Fencing

Merbau and Timber Fencing

Merbau is a great choice of fence if you want to enhance or add value to your home. Merbau can be used horizontally or vertically as a front fence, as a privacy screen in your backyard or even Gates. Timber or Galvanised exposed posts can be used it just depends on what type of look you are looking for.


When budget is the key consideration when deciding what type of fencing you would like, then a Timber paling fence is the way to go. There are different styles of Timber fencing that are available along with the very popular standard timber fence. If you like you can have exposed posts, capping, double sided palings which means you won’t see the rails from either side, and these styles add character to a Timber Paling fence.


All our Timber products are kept inside, so you can be sure that the materials have not been exposed to weather conditions that can cause timber to twist and rot.

The timber that we use is Mixed Species Gum Posts 125×75 in size, Cypress Pine Posts 125×125 in size. The palings are treated pine 150×12 in size & 100×12 in size. The rails are Treated pine 75×50 in size and a Treated Pine plinth board 150×25 in size.